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what is the wiring diagram for a 1988 ford ranger stock stereo?

1988 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Car Radio Stereo Wiring Diagram Car... Read more

Can you help me on plug wiring for 1988 Ford ranger 2.9?

This should help you out..... Since the front cylinders are furthest... Read more

i need to know the wiring diagram for a 1992 ford ranger radio?

1991-92 Ford Ranger Stereo Information Disclaimer *All information on this site... Read more

Distributor cap diagram, 2001 Ford Ranger 2.3L 4 cyl?

What do you mean? There is no dizzy on a Ranger... Read more

88 ford ranger fuel problems.......PLEASE HELP?

I'd agree with Sean's answer....check fuses and fusible links for... Read more

How do I fix the tachometer?

Chances are it is the gauge bad. ... Read more

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