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what type of electricity do you use in ur home and battery operated appliances?

Home appliances use "AC" (alternating current). Battery operated items use "DC"... Read more

do you know any facts/trivia anything about home appliances?

From a mass of facts/trivia, here are a few that... Read more

do modular homes come with full appliances ?

The short answer is yes. Modular homes usually come... Read more

how does an appliance at home works?

The short answer is yes. This is why there are... Read more

Buying a new home appliance...?

Truthfully, none of them. Yeah, their pricing might be... Read more

warranty for home appliances?

I have literally saved thousands of dollars on appliance repair... Read more

price of solar power supply for home appliance?

You probably need to do an engineering study to find... Read more

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