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Miscellaneous expense account?

Miscellaneous expense is often a general ledger account in which... Read more

Word 'miscellaneous' in french?

Miscellaneous is usually translated as "divers", although the word "miscellanée"... Read more

What is miscellaneous?

miscellaneous (items) =a number of different kinds (of items/goods) =... Read more

what does a miscellaneous topic mean?

a miscellaneous topic just means anything that you want to... Read more

what are miscellaneous tumours?

mis·cel·la·ne·ous (mĭs'ə-lā'nē-əs) adj. Made up of a variety of parts or... Read more

Miscellaneous talent ideas?

Hehe, that's funny. We think alike. I find that when... Read more

What does theft-miscellaneous unclassified mean?

Did you read this in a bulletin issued by a... Read more

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