What Should You Purchase on Cyber Monday?

Red Christmas Gift Cyber Monday

There are some key differences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Though they always take place during the same time frame (Cyber Monday is always the Monday after Thanksgiving), eagle-eyed shoppers and analysts have noticed some trends year-to-year that indicate Cyber Monday may hold an edge over other major holiday sales days for certain items.

With online shopping being easier and more convenient than ever, it’s no surprise that shoppers have begun seeking an alternative to crowded in-store sales days and promotions. Throw in major promotions from retailers like Amazon and Best Buy and it’s easy to see how Cyber Monday has become one of the biggest online-only sales events of the year and often gives even Black Friday a run for its money in terms of e-commerce. In 2019, American shoppers spent $9.4 billion on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Deals are not often announced until after Black Friday, so it can be hard to predict what to jump on after Thanksgiving and what to wait for the following Monday. Since Cyber Monday is also a newer sales day for the traditional holiday shopping season, reporting doesn’t always agree on the best items to purchase on one day vs. the other. But if you’re trying to come up with a good buying strategy for Thanksgiving weekend, here are a few categories we expect to see good sales on.

Laptops and Desktops

While shoppers usually purchase more expensive items on Black Friday, Cyber Monday can be an excellent day to purchase laptops and other PCs. Historically, more tech-savvy shoppers tend to be active on Cyber Monday, meaning retailers often prioritize laptops and desktops. Thus, a tradition has been born. Best Buy, Amazon, and eBay are likely to have truly amazing deals on computers of all shapes and sizes.

Premium Tech Products (Apple)

The end of the year usually means new models of classic phone and tablet lines from brands like Sony and Apple, which can mean major discounts on older models or other incentives to help clear out older stock. Long-time Apple fans know that, when it comes to the American manufacturer, promotions are scarce and true sales are even rarer. Cyber Monday is one of your best chances to score some actual deals on some well-designed and sought-after products. Last year’s items are still high-quality products and can make truly spectacular gifts.

You can already find this rose gold Apple Watch Series 5 on sale at Amazon, as well as these AirPods for 20% off. While these specific deals may evolve as the month continues, this is a great time to buy up that Apple product you or someone you care about has been yearning for.

Anything from Amazon

Cyber Monday is a great day to catch some Amazon sales you may have missed on Prime Day, either because you weren’t quite ready to make a purchase or you aren’t yet a Prime member. While it’s hard to predict exactly what Amazon will be selling on Cyber Monday, it’s safe to say that Fire TV products, Alexa suite devices, and Kindle e-readers will likely have some pretty steep deals and discounts. Keep an eye on Amazon throughout the day for flash sales as well, much like you would on Prime Day.


Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to pick up toys and other wonderful gifts for kids that maybe slipped through your fingers earlier in the weekend. Christmas and other winter gift-giving traditions mean a great opportunity to bring joy to the children in your life, and every major sales day leaves room for promotions on the best toys of the year. Cyber Monday is no exception. While there isn’t necessarily an advantage to purchasing toys that Monday over purchasing them online on Black Friday, it does mean another shot at a sale you may have missed. If you have a really good idea of what your Christmas list is for the kiddos you know, you may just be able to pick up one in an additional sale, save some extra money, and finish out all of your gift buying well in advance of the holidays.

If you aren’t sure what to look for, check out our “Top Toys of 2020 Under $30 on Amazon” article. These are already selling like hotcakes and regularly going on sale. Toys like the Baby Yoda Plush Toy, L.O.L Surprise! dolls, and the Air Hogs Stunt Shot Remote Control Vehicle are expected to be both popular with youngsters and to experience regular sales throughout the season. Cyber Monday will be no exception.


While this is not necessarily exclusive to Cyber Monday, it’s a great day to show your wardrobe some love. There’s no need to wait until Cyber Monday, either. Beloved clothing retailers like J.Crew, Madewell, and ModCloth are starting November off with some excellent sales that are expected to continue right up to December. With much of the country deep into cold weather, the Cyber November shopping season, including Cyber Monday, is the perfect time to buy stylish, cozy seasonal wear for the whole family and still have them arrive before Christmas.