Which Casper Mattress Is Best for You? (Plus $100 Off!)

Casper Bed and Mattress with Box

Casper, the bed-in-a-box innovators that launched in 2014, have completely revolutionized the $14 billion mattress industry, making bed purchases as easy, enjoyable, and rewarding as ever. Unlike crowded mattress showrooms lined with seemingly endless options and overly aggressive salesmen, Casper currently offers three customer-revered models: the Wave Hybrid, the Nova Hybrid, or the Original. Not only is this an unintimidating selection, but each boasts consistent pricing, easy-to-understand benefits, meticulous design and genius innovation, plus genuine love from its customers. And, perhaps the greatest perk: convenience. You can shop within the comfort of your own home and simply wait for each mattress to be boxed up and delivered straight to your door.

So, which Casper mattress is best? The short answer: all of them, if you consider the impressive number of awards they have racked up and the countless glowing reviews they’ve received. The real question is which Casper mattress is best for you? Casper’s mattresses follow a “good-better-best” model, so your sleeping profile and the degree of your needs are what matter most when selecting one.

While the thought of not test-driving such a big-ticket and critical product may be new to you, rest assured, it’s easy to shop Casper right to ensure you sleep tight. We took a deep dive into each mattress to narrow down your search even further so you can find the one that will help you catch some zzz’s with ease.

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The Most Popular: Casper Original Casper

The most popular, reviewed, and universal model, the Original is also the most affordable, starting at $595. Great for back sleepers, this model boasts three zones of targeted support for proper spine alignment and extra lumbar support, hence why one customer swears they’re “sleeping like a baby” since purchasing it. To prevent sinking and sagging, the bottom-most layer is a durable base that also ensures full-body support. In terms of firmness, you can expect both ends of the spectrum, but overall it has a medium-firm feel, making it a great option for back and combo sleepers. For upper-body relief and comfort, there’s softer foam around the shoulders; for spine alignment and support, there’s firmer foam under the hips, waist, and lower back. The Casper Original is constructed with Airscape™, a perforated, breathable foam that keeps you cool by circulating airflow all night long. So, if you overheat at night or live in a hot or humid climate, don’t sweat it: the Original will deliver just the right chill factor to cool you down. The Original comes in both foam and Hybrid. With the latter, you can expect an added layer of resilient springs that deliver additional lift, support, and airflow, as well as a firmer border to help you pop in and out of bed with ease. The verdict: Ideal for sleepers on a budget, back and combo sleepers, those who run hot, and tossers-and-turners who prefer a responsive foam that makes it easy to move around.

The Most Plush: Casper Nova Hybrid Casper

Casper’s newest model, the Nova Hybrid, is the most plush of the three. It ranks second to the Original in terms of price point, starting at $1,095. Ideal for dreamers looking to feel like they’re “sleeping on a cloud,” (as one reviewer describes it), the Nova Hybrid features a velvety-soft and super stretchy top layer, making it more cushy and slightly less firm than the Original (sorry, stomach sleepers). However, don’t let the plush feel fool you: the Nova is no softy when it comes to support. It actually adds more levels of support in the shoulder and hip area than the Original, making it a great option for side sleepers, as well as back sleepers. This is because of its Zoned Support Pro™, a whopping seven support zones that relieve pressure under the shoulders, as well as support under the waist, lower back, and hips for optimal spine alignment. If you tend to run hot, the Nova Hybrid also outshines the Original, offering not just one layer of perforated, breathable Airscape™ foam, but an additional one beneath it to really prevent overheating. And, since it’s a Hybrid, you will enjoy additional lift, support, and airflow thanks to its layer of resilient springs. The verdict: Ideal for snoozers who prefer a cushy, plush feel; back and side sleepers; those who run hot; and tossers-and-turners aching for additional support in the shoulder and hip areas.

The Most Support: Casper Wave Hybrid Casper

Casper’s most advanced model is not surprisingly also its most pricey, starting at $2,595. While not the best option for those looking to spend less, it is, however, a dream come true from those who find sleep a pain in the neck (and back). As one sleeper raves, “Every time I get into bed, I still get that ‘new bed feeling’ of luxury.” This deluxe feeling is due to its intricate design, balancing the very best in comfort with support. The top-most layer features a thin coating of cooling gel on a layer of its aerated Airscape™ foam, while a second and third layer of Airscape™ helps sleepers cool off from dozing to waking. With an impressive three levels of Airscape™, the Wave Hybrid is without question the winner for those looking for a cool night’s rest. In terms of support, there’s no question, the Wave Hybrid has got your back. Unlike the Original and the Nova, the Wave Hybrid boasts supportive gel pods, strategically placed under your waist and lower back to prevent sinking and promote spine support. These gel pods provide unbeatable levels of support for back-pain sufferers, adding significantly more targeted relief than foam alone. The Wave Hybrid also features Casper’s Zoned Support™ Max, continuous zones for full-body relief. Regarding firmness, the Wave Hybrid is a little softer than a medium-firm, making it cushy enough for combo sleepers tossing from one position to another throughout the night. Couples also tend to love this bed because of its impressive motion transfer, the measure of how much movement is shared from one part of the mattress to another. This bed boasts top layers of memory foam with slow response to pressure, which work to absorb and dissipate motion. This means if you share a bed with a restless partner, you won’t awaken every time they move. The verdict: Great for sleepers with significant aches and pains, those who run hot, couples sharing a bed, combo sleepers, and shoppers looking for a luxury sleep experience.